In order to develop software, development tools must be used. This page is provided to help you locate the tools you need to compile, install, and run our base software. Below is a table of the required software, and links to the sites where you may find it. We try to keep up with the latest stable version when possible. Additionally, if you need an older version we will be trying to maintain an archive in our Tools archive.

Finally, if you are using a non-Unix based system (i.e. Microsoft Windows), then we suggest that you checkout the CygWin program, which provides a Unix environment for those systems, though primarily for Microsoft Windows.
NASM Netwide Assembler GCC/G++ Compiler Suite
AutoConf AutoMake
GNU Make Linux/GNU Binutils
System Emulators for Testing
Bochs Pentium Emulator
AOL Instant Messenger SSH
Putty SSH utils
CVS Software
CVS for Linux WinCVS
Bochs Pentium Emulator Tortoise CVS
Putty SSH utils
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