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2003-10-31: Well, I've updated the site once more. One of the guys really wanted me to use an unsorted list instead of nested DIVs for the menu. For a while, I was having trouble getting some stuff to render correctly in Mozilla. (Yes, Mozilla, not IE. IE did it fine.) I finally figured it out, and so updated the rest of the site. The new menu is largely based on his, with a few of my own changes for color choices. So, I hope this makes everyone happy! Oh - and if you know how to make the menu round instead of square without using graphics, then I'd be glad to hear how! I'd much rather have each menu item look like it is in its own bubble, but I'm not sure you can do that yet with pure HTML and CSS. I also added some info to the tools page on using the tools with Windows, i.e. a recommendation to use CygWin.

2003-10-15: I updated the pages once more. After much debate with some friends and people I know, I implemented the site using DIV tags instead of layered tables. It does give a big improvement, and the menu bar comes out the way I initially wanted it. So here's to the guys at Abstraction-Chat of Calvin College, specifically Kyle Adams, Joel Boonstra, and Jeremy Hulford.

2003-10-13: I've updated the site once more. No new pages, but now the pages are using CSS2. A few pages are having problems with HTML 4.01 Transitional because of my use of layering and the P-tag in HTML, so I'm not sure if they'll be fully complaint. Most browsers ought to still render the pages correctly.

2003-10-10: I've updated the site once more. Still have some work to go, but it's getting there. Future plans are to finish the site, then update it to use CSS, and move to the HTML 4.01 Strict DTD instead of the HTML 4.01 Transitional. This should provide the most web compliant page set. I might also change the pages from using a layered tables to using tables inside of DIV and SPAN tags. This might help with the menu bar on the left side.

2003-10: Well, I've finally updated the webpage for the project. Our web team never around to producing a webpage, and I needed to do something for the project, so here we are. If there are any problems or if you would like to help out by keeping the website up to date, then please e-mail me at

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